Give your kid ice cream for breakfast? Yes!

Last week, I told you mini chocolate chips were a healthy choice for kids. This week, I’m urging you to give them ice cream for breakfast. It’s really not as crazy as it sounds. Especially the way I make ice cream. When I suggested chocolate chips, it was as an enticement. Sprinkle a tiny amount […]

Use summer to teach that learning can be delicious

“Daddy, how is cheese made?” It’s the sort of question that during the day-to-day school year grind I’d probably answer with something short, sweet and designed to shut him up. Because in the rush of lunch duty, school, homework, activities, dinner, that silly thing I call a job… who has time to turn perfectly reasonable […]

School’s out… But lunch duty continues…

Because a 180-day school year isn’t enough, right? You think you’ve served your time. Good, healthy (or at least edible) lunches five days a week from September to June. Now you’re in the clear for a few months. Except you aren’t. Because for many parents, summer camp looms. And day camps often mean more days […]

Feel good convenience for THOSE mornings

You know which mornings I’m talking about. The ones where no amount of coffee can cut the fog. The ones when you no longer care if your child wears matching socks or insists on putting his underwear on backward. The ones when it’s hard enough to get breakfast on the table, never mind pack a […]

Don’t hide the veggies. Dress them!

I’m not a big believer in the “hidden produce” approach to getting kids to eat veggies. You know what I’m talking about — those clever recipes that spike brownies with bits of beet or lace pancakes with parsnip puree. Aside from the gross out factor, I just think this sort of culinary dishonesty defeats the […]

Mastering the art of the after school snack

As if lunch duty isn’t hard enough… Parents also have to master the art of the after school snack. And as most of us will attest, it’s harder than it sounds. Snacks have to be fast and easy because the clock is ticking. Homework, chores, sports and other activities are all demanding attention from your […]

7 lunch duty lessons I learned the hard way

Lunch duty is a trial-and-error (and trial by fire) sort of thing. Sometimes you just need to try things and hope you learn something along the way. So in that spirit, here are seven highs (and lows) I learned last week over at Purchased crepes only sound like a good thing. You know the […]

Banana sushi? Why not?

With the help of nothing more than a large whole-wheat tortilla, I can turn just about anything into lunch box-friendly sushi. Well, perhaps “sushi” overstates it a bit. But I can create sushi-like bites that are easy to pack, fun and nutritious. And so can you. And the best part — no raw seafood needed. […]