School is coming… Time to Gear Up! (Part 1)

Back-to-school sales have been going on since… something like May. But the sad truth is, it’s time to start paying attention to them. And for families whose kids brown bag it, gearing up for another year in the classroom also means getting the goods needed to serve another 180 days in the lunch box trenches. […]


Lunch Packing Made Easy, One Grain of Rice at a Time

I’m a big believer in cooking once, eating twice. Or more. Planned leftovers really are what keep me sane while serving time in the lunch box trenches. As much as possible, I turn the remnants of last night’s dinner into the building blocks of today’s lunch. And while most dinners can be repurposed somehow, someway, […]


Strategic leftovers? 8 Ways to Stay Sane While Packing Lunch

America has its strategic oil reserve. Canada has it’s strategic maple syrup reserve. And smart parents keep their wits about them by maintaining strategic reserves of dinner leftovers. Because let’s be honest… Packing lunches — whether for your kids or yourself — can be a soul-sapping day-after-day drudgery. And there aren’t a whole lot of […]


Drink up! 9 healthy choices (other than water)

The truth is, we all know our kids don’t need anything in their lunch box drink bottles other than water. But we also all know that just as the same day-after-day PB&J can get pretty dull, so to can yet another bottle of plain, room temperature water. What’s the alternative? Our kids would love to […]


Give your kid ice cream for breakfast? Yes!

Last week, I told you mini chocolate chips were a healthy choice for kids. This week, I’m urging you to give them ice cream for breakfast. It’s really not as crazy as it sounds. Especially the way I make ice cream. When I suggested chocolate chips, it was as an enticement. Sprinkle a tiny amount […]


Use summer to teach that learning can be delicious

“Daddy, how is cheese made?” It’s the sort of question that during the day-to-day school year grind I’d probably answer with something short, sweet and designed to shut him up. Because in the rush of lunch duty, school, homework, activities, dinner, that silly thing I call a job… who has time to turn perfectly reasonable […]


School’s out… But lunch duty continues…

Because a 180-day school year isn’t enough, right? You think you’ve served your time. Good, healthy (or at least edible) lunches five days a week from September to June. Now you’re in the clear for a few months. Except you aren’t. Because for many parents, summer camp looms. And day camps often mean more days […]


Feel good convenience for THOSE mornings

You know which mornings I’m talking about. The ones where no amount of coffee can cut the fog. The ones when you no longer care if your child wears matching socks or insists on putting his underwear on backward. The ones when it’s hard enough to get breakfast on the table, never mind pack a […]