Grilling 106: How To Make The Perfect Hamburger

I’ve covered a lot of things so far, but it’s obvious to everybody that I have been missing the point. Hamburgers are why people buy grills. You know it, and I know it. It’s not like it’s any secret. I’ve devoted my life to glorifying the hamburger, to spreading its evangel, to paying it the […]


Grilling 105: Fish, Vegetables, and Fruit? Really?

I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t burn charcoal, clean grills, and stand in front of a fire on a hot day, so that I can grill vegetables. But I also can’t tell you that grilled vegetables, at least some vegetables, are approximately 200 times better than their steam or boiled equivalents. And […]


Grilling 104: What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Here’s the thing about experienced grillers: they don’t panic. They don’t panic when fires flare up, and threaten to turn the cook into the Phantom of the Opera. They don’t panic when sausages burst, splattering hot grease everywhere. They don’t panic when the brisket is still tough and covered with creosote, and everybody is about […]


Grilling 103: Time, Temp, and The Zen of Waiting

Having talked about the tools of the trade, as well as the secret of searing, I want to get a little deeper into what I think a lot of people find most challenging about grilling: cooking big things a long time. The beauty of hot-fire cooking, for most of us, comes from watching something cook […]


Grilling 102: The Brown and the Black

Seeing as how last week I gave an elementary primer on grilling, with most of the attention on what your basic tools should be, I figure – why not take the next step? I’m not going to attempt to get into the culinary complexities of marinades, mops, and other advanced recipes. You have Rachael for […]


Grilling 101: What You Need

It occurs to me, looking back on all these grilling columns that I’ve been doing, that maybe I am jumping ahead too far. While I like cooking a rolled, boned lamb leg bound with coat hangers, maybe that’s not for everybody. Maybe some of who have never done any serious grilling, outside of some hotdogs […]

What To Do When The Meat Is Going Bad

Lacking as I do any form of self-restraint or long-term planning, its been my lifetime practice to cook steaks the second I get them home from the store. (They’re lucky they get that far; the peanut butter has already been probed and violated by the time I get to the car.) But sometimes I get […]