Asking Hard Questions of Teresa Von Fuchs, The Coffee Woman

This week, as a service to Rachael readers, many of whom drink coffee, I interviewed coffee expert Teresa von Fuchs, who in spite of her formidable-sounding name, is actually a great gal and easily relatable. Teresa is the director of wholesale at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, one of the city’s elite coffee operations. Theresa, when […]

courtesy of Liete's Culinaria

Bring a Meatatta to Your Christmas Party!

I recently got invited to a chef’s potluck party at Commerce restaurant in New York. A lot of great chefs were going to be there, I could only assume, and since the LaFriedas are also friends of the place, I knew I wasn’t going to get any points by bringing meat. What can you bring […]


Pelmeni Party!

One of the weirdest, worst, and most enjoyable dinner parties I ever went to was held about 15 years ago, in South Bend, Indiana, and involved a large group of drunken Russians. The Russians were grad students at Notre Dame, where I was in graduate school. A chummy group of chemical engineers, they liked me […]


The Lazy Man’s Guide to Thanksgiving

I realize it’s a little late in the day to be giving turkey advice. Every cooking magazine has whole sections, or even issues, devoted to the subject. Sam Sifton, the erstwhile Times critic, has written a whole book on Thanksgiving, and has even made himself available as a kind of one-man holiday hotline. And of […]