Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes

It’s April already, so it’s technically spring, but in much of the country, we still only have winter vegetables in season. That’s why today’s recipe focuses on the beloved sweet potato, a root vegetable and a cold weather favorite. This quick-cooking tuber has plenty of flavor on its own, but when paired with sweet and […]

Turmeric jar

The Hidden Health Benefits of Turmeric

Every time you slather mustard on your hotdog or hamburger, you just may be helping to prevent Alzheimer’s or arthritis. The reason is that the humble spice turmeric, routinely added to mustard to give the condiment it signature yellow color, has been shown to have powerful curative properties. Turmeric is a rhizome, like ginger, and […]

Sprouts 1

Sprout It Out! Sprouting Is Easy and Good for You

Remember bean sprouts? You know, those, yummy, crunchy, mysterious things that you’ll sometimes find in salads and sandwiches? If you’ve ever tried buying them at the store, you may have found that they’re very expensive, and they never seem all that fresh. Well as it turns out, it’s much easier and cheaper to grow your […]


Brown Your Beans!

The other day, I made a happy discovery. I found the secret for transforming humdrum white beans into a rich, deeply flavored ingredient. What happened was, one night when I needed a quick dinner, I spied a can of white beans in the cupboard. I’ve always found white beans kind of flavorless, but the pickings […]


A Winning Crudité Platter, Silk Road-Style

Go to any Persian restaurant, or to the home of an Iranian family for dinner, and you will be served a plate at the beginning of the meal that is alive with color and the aroma of herbs. This platter of “edible herbs,” or in Persian, the sabzi khordan plate, is made up of fresh […]


The Clean Plates Cookbook

Have you ever wished that when you went out to dinner, or visited a new town, you knew where to find a restaurant that served healthy food? Well that’s the information that the Clean Plates website provides, and now they’ve published The Clean Plates Cookbook, full of healthy recipes — many of which are contributed […]

Mung Beans

Mung! Why You Should Eat These Tiny Beans from India

I discovered mung beans while researching my upcoming Persian cookbook. These grass-colored beans with a white speck at the center are a staple in Iran, India, and China, but here in The United States, most people have never tasted them. Mung beans make a great addition to your pantry, and here’s the main reason: they […]


Be A Gourmet Chef — In Your Hotel Room

Did you ever take a trip and congratulate yourself on getting cheap airfare and a low hotel rate, and then notice once you arrived that you were blowing your budget on eating out in restaurants? That happened to me on a recent trip. I found that I was spending between $15-$20 on every meal, and […]