The HankyBook

I’m always on the lookout for ways to cut waste around the house, so when I was at my favorite spa, this adorable packet of hankies for sale near the register caught my eye. Yep, that’s right, hankies. Those things that your parent’s or grandparent’s generation used to blow their nose before the advent of […]


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are a combination of everything delicious about seasonal holiday desserts, including chocolate, cinnamon, brown sugar, and pumpkin. The cookies are very easy to make. They are classic chocolate chip cookies with a twist, namely, pumpkin pie spices and squash puree. They have a subtle orange hue, a mild pumpkin taste, and a hearty […]


Baked Apples

‘Tis the season to indulge in all things rich, boozy, and sweet, but when you need a break from all the complex deliciousness of holiday foods, baked apples make a comforting seasonal treat. I was inspired to make this dessert by my sister-in law Joy, an excellent cook, who made it for us a few […]


Forget the Canned Pumpkin: Roast Your Own Winter Squash

Whatever you’re cooking this year for your Thanksgiving meal, there is probably a winter squash involved somewhere, like in pumpkin pie. If you usually use canned pumpkin, why not try roasting your own pumpkin or other winter squash this year? If you’ve ever gone to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm, or to the farmer’s market around […]

soda cans

Big Soda Ban: Right-On, or Off-Base?

New York City has taken on a big challenge. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with the New York City Board of Health, has passed a ban on the sale of sodas larger than 16 ounces. Some of the city’s residents approve the ban, but many – in fact most – are against it. The reason for […]


Truly Tasty Tofu Burgers

Truly Tasty Tofu Burgers I’m always in search of a good veggie burger that’s firm and chewy, with lots of flavor, and I like this recipe because the texture of the burgers is very, well, burger-like! It’s also really easy, and there’s lots of room for variation. To make the burgers, you’ll need to start […]