How to Prep Whole Artichokes

If you’ve ever bypassed artichokes at the grocery store or the farmer’s market because they seem intimidating, well, your instincts are right. These tough, prickly vegetables do take time to prepare, but the results are so tasty that once you know how to render the flesh tender and rich, you won’t mind the work so […]

Fish oil 1

Fish Oil for Heart, Health, and Happiness

A couple of months ago, following a check-up, my doctor told me that I was deficient in vitamin D. She said it was important for my overall health that I remedy the situation immediately, and that to increase my vitamin D levels I could take either vitamin D supplements or fish oil. Strange person that […]


Herb-alicious Rice Meatballs, Lactose and Gluten-free!

Classic Italian meatballs get a boost of fat and flavor from grated Parmesan, while breadcrumbs make the texture fluffy. And who doesn’t love them? Juicy, plump, and aromatic, little parcels of ground meat bubbling away in a rich sauce are irresistible. Although I’ve always associated meatballs with Italy, it turns out that people throughout the […]


Adorable, Durable Glass Straws

How cool are these glass straws?! Glass Dharma, a company in Fort Bragg, California, makes these straws by hand out of the same material as Pyrex, so they’re nearly unbreakable. They look beautiful and they feel good to the touch. Why would you want to use a glass straw? Well, you may have noticed that […]

Black sesame seeds post-image

Need More Calcium? Try Black Sesame Seeds

Crisp black sesame seeds are my latest discovery at the Japanese market. They’re great for giving a rich, nutty flavor to just about anything, and they look striking as a garnish, too. As people throughout Asia have known for thousands of years, sesame seeds have powerful health properties. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine prescribe black […]


Ramps Are All The Rage!

If you’ve been to a farmer’s market lately-or taken a stroll by a hillside or stream-you may have noticed an edible plant with leaves that look like Lilly of the Valley and bulbs that smell like garlic on steroids. These are wild leeks, also known as ramps, and they are the pride of chefs and […]