easter fun

My kids are long past believing in the Easter Bunny, still each year I try a little something special for a surprise. This year I am making pinata eggs (sort of), and a bunny cake. Over the years I have made assorted animals with the colored eggs, made and played pin the tail on the […]


cinnamon buns

My son loves loves loves anything cinnamon including candies, cookies (Snickerdoodles), coffee cake, muffins, cinnamon sugar sprinkled on his toast, over vanilla ice cream, on top of cupcakes, even a little cinnamon sprinkled into saffron rice (delish), or the leftover scraps of pie crust rolled spread with a little butter dusted with cinnamon sugar and […]


tiny apple tarts

The kids and I went apple picking last weekend in upstate New York. We stayed in the summer home of  a friend of mine (and fellow dessert lover), in the heart of miles of apple orchard country. I had to pick up a few of Jessica’s(daughter) friends at colleges along the way from my start […]


Kids’ b-day parties

I love to create birthday parties for kids at home, the possibilities are endless and the time with your kids is priceless. The tradition of having my kid’s birthday parties at home every year started from necessity, Jessica’s and Nicholas’ dates of birth are, Jan 1, and Aug 13 respectively, and all the fun spots […]


cupcakes and muffins

Don’t ya just love cake. Think about it gang, of all the diverse foods, flavors, cooking styles, spices, herbs, and seasonings in every culture in the world past or present, there is at least one food all cultures share, CAKE ! Everyone can probably say they have an aunt, grandmother, mom, friend or someone whom […]



A friend asked me for a pizzelle recipe recently, so I went digging through my arsenal of recipes(30+ years worth), to find I actually had 6 recipes that I had made notes on like yummy, extra yummy, good fast and easy, etc. It’s been a while since I’ve made pizzelles so I decided to refresh […]



With the exception of fresh fruit, my sister Rachael rarely if ever eats anything sweet. Sugar’s not the greatest building block for the body but don’t ya just crave a taste now and again? Well, not my sister-she eats extremely well and never craves sweets. I’d like to have inherited her sweetless gene, but I […]

Baking with Booze!

Years ago, when our kids were small, a few close friends and I  started  a monthly dinner  party for “just us” grownups. As hectic as the holiday  season always was, we decided to replace gifting each other with a monthly therapy session complete with a 5-course dinner we share in preparing. I’ve taken my turn […]

Apple Pie Fresh from the Oven

Basic Pie Crust

For me ’09 was the “year of the pie”, every holiday season my friends (my guinea pigs) expect to receive frequent deliveries at their door steps of pies, strudels, tarts, tortes,  basically  the result of my mad scientist experiment on whatever fruit or veggie I fresh-picked at some farm, orchard, or grove on the weekend. […]