Turkey alternatives for the picky eater

My son talked about the turkey and Thanksgiving for weeks leading up to the big day.  At 5 years old, however, he is as picky as ever and I asked him if he was going to actually eat the turkey or just sing and dance about it.  He scoffed and said, “Ick, no way, of […]

Back to school nerves

My little boy started kindergarten this week.  I can hardly believe it.  He looked so cute walking to school with his new backpack with his name on it.  He was so nervous at first, saying he didn’t want to go, but then when he saw the other neighborhood kids walking to school, he got right […]


Back to school-am I the only unorganized mom?

My son starts kindergarten tomorrow and I don’t know if I should smile proudly, cry or pull the grey hairs out of my head because it makes me feel old.  Either way, he is excited, but I can tell he’s a little nervous, and truthfully so am I.  He will be going to public school […]


Back to Basics-Ice Cream

Today I saw a sight that made me very happy.  An ice cream truck that didn’t have the prepackaged Sponge Bob flat thing on a stick that I can’t even really call ice cream, or the blue and red “balls” that come in a cone (I have no idea what these things are that my […]


Tooth fairy, what do you charge these days?

Warning!  Don’t let any kids under the age of 15 read this post!!!  Adults only!!! Okay now that I know I am writing for adult eyes only, I can be frank.  Today my 6-year old lost her second front tooth.  Very exciting moment in our house as it was hanging on by a thread and […]


Picky eaters on vacation=no fun for mom

Mom of a Picky Eater has been on vacation for a week which is why you haven’t heard from me.  If you have a picky eater as I do, you know how hard a vacation can be.  Although we were just at my parents’ house, it was away enough from the familiar that it sent […]

Here’s how I freeze foods

A while ago, my freezer looked like a disaster area.  It was thick with ice accumulation and stuffed with various plastic and aluminum foil wrapped balls and other oddly shaped and unmarked items.  I also seemed to keep alot of boxed, frozen veggies around. At some point, I realized that the freezer is really my […]


“Staycations” with the little ones

This summer, my best friend from childhood and her three kids came to visit.  That put 5 kids in my house under the age of nine.  By the end of the weekend my friend and I had each sprouted two huge grey hairs and had a laugh over it, but it was well worth the […]


Puff Pastry-My new discovery

You know how they always say the French women are thin because they eat full fat foods, like cheese, but only a small bit?  I have yet another French staple that I have typically Americanized and eaten way too much of-the puff pastry.  You can, however, follow the more healthful route and just add a […]