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Healthy snacks for kids

I feel like every morning I pack the same lunch for my daughter-a sandwich-and I squeeze in a piece or two of fruit, a box of juice, maybe some cheese and crackers for her snack.  Nothing I give her is bad for her, I wouldn’t dream of sending her off with candy or highly processed […]


Thank you, Rocco

I was watching this video of Rocco DiSpirito from a Rachael Ray show appearance where people asked him for help in the kitchen.  One mom had a picky eater child (the mom could have been me) and he suggested she grind up kale in a food processor with tomato sauce and use that on a […]


Girl Scout Cookie Madness

This year marks a milestone in my house-my daughter sold her first box of Girl Scout cookies as she is now a Brownie.  The truth is, she called my mother and I asked my co-workers and friends and we sold a respectable number of boxes.  Of course I had to buy one of each for […]


Be a model for your kids

Okay, parents, the pressure is on. We all want our kids to eat well and be active, yet sometimes aren’t sure how to get there. Who do kids look to when it comes to modeling habits and behavior? Well, parents of course. It’s hard to expect your kids to jump into a plate of broccoli […]


A Hot Dog Destiny

One thing my picky eater son is sure to eat is a good ole hot dog. I grew up eating one brand that is still my guilty pleasure. It’s called Sahlen’s and like Gennessee Cream Ale, you can only get this dog in upstate NY. In fact, you can’t even get it East of Rochester, […]


The “Snuggie”

Alright people, apparetly 4 million of you have purchased this item and it haunts me.  I  first heard of it when my 4-year old son came running to tell me we should get it and that the whole family can use a Snuggie.  I ran in the TV room and watched the commercial and I […]


Katie Lee’s Zucchini Bread

I purchased Katie Lee Joel’s cookbook, The Comfort Table, after I saw her win the Burger Bash last year. Luckily I was there to sample the winning burger and it was truly divine. Not at all what I would expect in a burger, more of a patty melt, but good tasting all the same. So […]

What would you do with a free hour?

Today a rare thing happened.  I found myself in my house.  Alone.  My husband took the kids over to a neighbor’s house and left me home to do whatever I wanted.  This doesn’t happen often, or really ever.  If I am without them, it is usually because I am running an errand, working or cooking.  […]


Oh yeah, now that’s good stuff!

I was reading about Rachael’s return to Austin and the SXSW party coming up and it inspired me to try one of the dishes from last year-the Cornbread-Topped Bourbon BBQ Chicken.  I thought this looked easy and frankly, not something I would normally make, so I decided to give it a try. First you essentially […]