Supermarket Score Beer 1

Supermarket Score! Beer

“Supermarket Score!” is all about taking a look at the great deals and delicious meals that are hidden in lesser-known yet commonly found supermarket items. With Labor Day weekend and an early kick-off to football season coming just down the pike, I think it’s important to take a little time to celebrate where we are.  […]

Supermarket Score Bitters 1

Supermarket Score! Bitters

“Supermarket Score!” is all about taking a look at the great deals and delicious meals that are hidden in lesser-known yet commonly found supermarket items. Often when reading through food magazines and watching cooking shows on TV, I hear people talk about how much they love adding the flavors of their favorite cocktail to their […]

Tuscan-Style Cauliflower Salad

Supermarket Score! Cauliflower

OK, I know what you’re thinking: “he’s supposed to be helping me out with lesser-known grocery store items. I buy cauliflower all the time!”. And you make a fair point. But I’m taking the chance this week to taste my way through a “Supermarket Score” that always gets one-trick-pony status.

Balsamic-Brown Butter Gastrique1

Dinner at Home with a Master Chef

OK, so full disclosure: what I should have said is “Dinner at Home with an Almost Master Chef”. An old culinary school friend, Amanda, is crashing at our house this week as she’s shadowing professional chefs at our alma mater, The Culinary Institute of America, to prepare herself for taking the acclaimed (and incredibly, arduously challenging) […]


6 (More) Swap-Outs That Will Save You in a Pinch

A few posts back, I shared with y’all 6 swap-outs that will save you in a pinch. You know, that make or break moment when dinner is in full swing and you realize you’re out of poultry seasoning? How about getting your favorite biscuit recipe going and staring down an empty bag of self-rising flour? Luckily, disaster can be avoided! Stash these kitchen pinch hitters away in your culinary memory bank and the kitchen safety net is all yours.

Supermarket Score Cottage Cheese1

Supermarket Score! Cottage Cheese

What’s the first thing to come to mind when someone brings up “cottage cheese”?  Retro diet food surfing through a buffet atop leaf lettuce or cantaloupe?  Bodybuilding “go-to” snack?  Or, worst of all, “boring”?  Cottage cheese has endured all of these stereotypes and lived to tell the tale because – above all else – it’s […]

Brandied Cherries1

When Life Hands You Cherries…Reach For the Brandy

The allure of fresh cherries is undeniable. I’ll be hard-pressed to forget the first time I actually went cherry picking. Akin to apples, pears, peaches, and the like, cherries grow on trees in orchards. Beautiful, sweeping orchards with vistas the stuff that postcard dreamscapes are made of. So I embarked, armed with two 10-gallon buckets, […]

Fridge Raider: Pork Roast prep

Fridge Raider: Pork Roast

You ever feel like you’re staring into a blank abyss when the week reaches Thursday night and the tug-of-war between work fatigue and the weekend overwhelms your motor functions…and it’s time to make dinner? It’s often in these moments of great desperation that the “Fridge Raider” in all of us does his/her best work – […]


6 Swap-Outs That Will Save You in a Pinch

We’ve all been there before.  That sinking feeling that strikes when you’re knee-deep in putting together a cake and open the cupboard to find that you’re out of brown sugar.  Or when company is 20 minutes away and, because you’re all out of it, your buttermilk mashed potatoes will be reduced to simply “mashed potatoes”. […]