The Boy Who Jumped Over the (Half) Moon

Like Any Town, USA, being from a small city in Northern New York means that a handful of “native to home” dishes saw regular rotation in our lunch sacks and at our dinner table.  Jefferson County, NY favorites like Chicken & Biscuits, Half Hots, and Rye Boat each deserve praise in their own individual posts […]


Supermarket Score! Green Peppercorns!

My father-in-law is an incredible chef. He’s one of those culinary masters that has perfected the sleight of hand that, no matter how closely I watch him cook, sneaks something into every meal that makes me go “hhhmmm….what is that?”. A recent peek in his refrigerator revealed one such secret ingredient: the elusive green peppercorn. […]


Supermarket Score! Malt Soda

It wasn’t until recently that I was introduced to malt soda.  Now that we’ve grown quite well acquainted, it’s hard to imagine a time in my life when such a treasure wasn’t there.  Tucked away with ready access in the Mexican or Latin foods aisle of the supermarket, malt soda (or “malta” as it’s referred […]


Supermarket Score! “Instant Coffee”

This week’s “Supermarket Score” has gotten a bad wrap over the years.  It’s been bullied with names like “inferior”, “old school”, and “yucky”.  It’s been pushed to the shadows of pantries nationwide and quarantined for last-ditch camping rations and afternoon bridge tournaments in grandma’s parlor.  Well, today is a new day – our old friend […]


Supermarket Score-Coconut Water

“Supermarket Score!” is all about taking a look at the great deals and delicious meals that are hidden in lesser-known yet commonly found supermarket items. Coconut water is getting a lot of attention lately, especially from celebrities who are endorsing it as the “it” drink of the moment – and rightfully so!  Coconut water is […]

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Butternut Squash Soup

In my house during the winter months, butternut squash soup always wins honors at the table. It’s hearty, creamy, and a super-simple way to eat local and seasonal when it grows chilly outside. Having received a distress call from my mom the other day who was upset that her soup “didn’t look like the one […]


Tastes Great Looks Bad: Oven “Fried” Chicken

With resolutions and diet season upon us, it’s a timely bit of irony that I come home at night craving fried chicken.  In the interim, I fill the void of deprivation with one of my favorite weeknight low-guilt meals: baked chicken.  It’s comforting, delicious, easy, and with this clever styling trick, crispy without the grease […]