Sibling dogs – good idea?

Dear Pet Lovers: My family really wants to get a puppy and I am actually contemplating getting two puppies at the same time so they will have a playmate. Siblings sound like a good idea – what do you think? Am I crazy? Thanks- Mary Dear Mary: Two puppies at the same time can be […]


Farewell old friend

Look at that handsome devil – doesn’t he look wise? He was our dear, sweet, more-intelligent-than-many- humans-in-my-life cat to whom our family had to say goodbye a few weeks ago at the age of 18. We thought he would live forever but in the blink of an eye, he was gone. My husband and I were […]

Help – my dog was sprayed by a skunk!

Dear Pet Lovers: My dog Lucy was sprayed by a skunk and she absolutely stinks. What do you recommend to remedy this situation? I remember hearing something about a tomato juice bath? Lucy’s Mom Dear LM: Hurry up as time is of the essence and you need to act fast when your dog is sprayed […]

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Summer Dogs!

It’s been so hot in the Northeast, it reminded me that dog owners should be aware of their dog’s exposure to the sun and heat, just as you would pay attention to a child’s. Dogs can get sunburned.  If you have a short haired dog or one that has a pink nose, they are especially […]

Getting a dog fix in an allergic household

Dear Pet Lovers: My 12-year old son is dying to get a dog but my husband is allergic – I have researched supposed “hypoallergenic breeds” but he is resistant to even these dogs. It is heartbreaking, as my boy is a true dog lover. Do you have any suggestions on how he can get his […]

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

My neighbor called me one day last week to ask if I wanted to go to the park down the street for a puppy party. A puppy party? A woman around the corner was having a doggie get together in honor of her dog’s first birthday and all the neighborhood dogs were invited. Her kids […]


Meet This Year’s Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California was this past weekend; meet this year’s champion: Yoda, a 14-year old half Chinese Crested and Chihuahua. Yoda’s unique look – hairless ears, frizzy fur, cloudy eye and an oversized, protruding tongue – made him the judge’s overall winner. He (and his owner Terry Schumacher) took home the […]