Canine Bloat

A friend posted a link to this article today on canine bloat – which is basically when a dog’s stomach fills with air and/or food, becomes distended, and the stomach often twists. Symptoms vary from here – some dogs are listless, some agitated. They can vomit white foam. The key to saving your dog is […]


The Unlikely Friendship of the Goose and the Deer

Have you seen this story? Another amazing example of the amazing and unlikely friendships that happen in nature. A goose who has lost her mate is currently nesting in an urn in a cemetery and this deer has established himself as protector. Click here for a video of the story and here is the printed story from […]

Do Labs need to be groomed?

Dear Pet Lovers: I just inherited a family member’s black lab – I have never owned a dog before and am wondering about grooming. Do labs need to be groomed? And if so, what needs to be done? Thanks! Lucy in PA Dear Lucy: Labs shed. Yellow labs shed consistently throughout the year, while black […]


Dog-friendly Dogs

My parents had a standard poodle – Jack – for many years and my husband and I got our yellow lab when Jack was still alive (rest in peace, Jack). When our lab was a puppy, we would frequently bring him to my parents’ house (he was like our baby – this is pre-children) and Jack […]

Quick tip for dogs with digestive issues

If you have a dog chances are you have run into digestive issues at one time or another with your pet. Everyone seems to have a different solution. My mother-in-law feeds her miniature schnauzer with chronic stomach issues cooked rice with ground turkey. My aunt gives her poodle cottage cheese mixed in with her regular […]

In-home puppy training sessions – worth the expense?

This fall I was reintroduced to the world of puppies, after twelve years, as my friend and my cousin both adopted new furry family members. When my husband and I got our dog twelve years ago, we didn’t have any children - Biko was our baby. It was ridiculous. Doggie play dates, endless photos, swapping stories with co-workers. Those […]


Great Reads for Dog Lovers

It’s January, the perfect time to snuggle up under a blanket with a great read. If you are a dog lover, there are a lot of wonderful books out there, so grab your tea, light the fire, and enjoy (all of these picks are available at! The Art of Racing in the Rain: A […]

Safe holiday car travels with your dog

The holiday season means traveling by car to loved ones for many of us. If you are a dog owner, you wouldn’t think of celebrating the holidays without your pet. There are some important steps you need to take to make sure the journey is comfortable – and safe - for your dog, and you! Bring a blanket […]