All About Hamsters

My daughter is dying for a hamster. She looks at pictures of them online, she writes down possible names for the hamsters, she draws pictures. Meanwhile, we will never get a hamster (knock on wood). We have a dog, a cat and a fish, which is the maximum number of pets our family can handle. […]


Adopting a Rescue Dog

How cute is this guy, Gavin? Very jaunty in his plaid jacket, I’d say. He is a rescue dog recently adopted by my friend and her family, and from the sounds of it, it was a lot of work! Adopting a rescue dog is one of the best things you can do for a dog […]


Dog Owners ARE Happier

My dear friend recently lost her mother and while she has been on the fence about getting dog for the past year – she and her family have wanted one, but never thought it was the right time – she bit the bullet and got a dog last week. When she asked if I thought it […]


Dog training books that worked for us

One of my friend’s is thinking about getting a puppy and I was reminiscing about when our now elderly 12-year old lab was a puppy and our attempts to train him. (Side note: fellow lab owners – did your lab age incredibly quickly around 11, 12 years of age? Our sweet dog has gone from racing […]

Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

Dear Pet Lovers: I am struggling with a problem with my baby, “Biscuit” (German short-haired pointer). I have bought her the best of products and shampoos and everything and I give her a bath every Friday but somehow I can’t seem to get rid of her ticks and fleas!! I have tried everything!!! What should I […]

What is the best dog breed for you?

Springtime is here, typically when a young man’s fancy turns to love…..or a new dog. Depending on your particular situation – if you live in a house or apartment,  have kids, work long hours, have other animals – different breeds have different needs and temperaments. Some questions to ask yourself before you embark on your […]


Guinea Pig love

Everybody talks so much about their cats and dogs, but recently I have a new found love for the Guinea Pig.  My kids both have severe allergies to cats and certain dogs, but when I took them to the allergist to get tested for Guinea Pig allergies, they both came back negative!  We had talked […]

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A Soap Opera FOR Dogs, Starring Dogs?!

Sometimes when I am feeling frustrated with work I look over at my pets and think “When are you guys going to get jobs?”, sometimes I even say it out loud! They stare back at me blankly, honestly, they have no idea how much they cost me. Henwin with her prescription cat food to help […]