Best burger spreads and sauces?

Dear Cooks: What is a good condiment to use in burgers and other sandwiches in place of mayo. I absolutely hate mayo but I get sick of bland dry sandwiches. Thanks, Desperately Seeking Special Sauce Dear DScubed: Here is one of Rach’s favorite sauces for burgers from her Double-Decker “Animal Style” Burger (In-N- Out Burger […]

Homemade pickle recipe?

Dear Cooks: I’m trying to find the recipe for Rachael Ray’s homemade pickles but can’t find it on her website. Could you help? Thank you – Angela Dear Angela – Rachael has a couldn’t be easier recipe for Sweet and Spicy Pickle Spears.  Please note you have to let them refriergate and pickle for at least […]

Moldy cheese – toss or save?

Dear Cooks: I bought a beautiful hunk of Cheddar cheese from my farmer’s market and kind of forgot about it. I went to pull it out a few weeks later, and there was some visible mold. Is it safe to cut off the mold and eat the rest? It was expensive! I remember my mom […]



I have been hearing more and more frequently about people consuming kombucha on a regular basis and how it is a wonder drink – it purifies you, energizes you, some claim it cures a hangover – or even cancer. It also is an acquired taste, according to most people. So what is kombucha? It is […]

Hard Boiled Eggs?

Dear Cooks: On her show last week, Rachael explained how to cook hard boil eggs so they will crack easily. She said to put eggs in cold water and heat until the water comes to a boil, then turn off stove and let the eggs sit in the pan covered. I cant remember how long […]


How long can you keep chicken in the fridge?

Dear Cooks: How long can chicken be (kept) in the fridge uncooked? If I have breaded chicken cutlet I’m never sure how long (it can last in the refrigerator) and I tend to cook it all at once. (Also) I feel like I’m limited to what I can do with the chicken once its cooked. […]