Picking the perfect watermelon

Dear Cooks: I love watermelon but so many times I bring one home only to cut it open and it’s mushy and tasteless. How do I pick the perfect watermelon? Thanks, Nancy in New Jersey Dear Nancy: There is nothing more frustrating than cutting open a bad piece of produce. Here are some tips on […]


How do you like your guac?

This past weekend was a weekend full of guacamole – what could be better? Friday night we went to a local Mexican restaurant famous for its table-side guacamole – an official “guacamole sommelier” rolls up a cart to your table and makes your guac to order. He asks your preference on cilantro or not, heat […]

Can you freeze cream?

Dear Cooks: I love to make home-made ice cream in the summer – especially with summer fruits like peaches and blackberries. My husband went to the grocery store for me and I asked him to get heavy cream for ice cream and he got 6 liters – way too much! Can I freeze it? Thanks! […]


Grilled Mini Peppers

Have you seen these mini peppers at your local market? They are the hands-down easiest side dish of the summer – no recipe required.  You thrown them on the grill, brushed with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, grill for a few minutes on each side and eat them as is. There is […]

Cocktail Party Quantities?

Dear Cooks – I am having a cocktail party next week but I never know how much food and drink to buy. It seems like I either have way too much or end up running out to the store mid-party. Can you help? Thanks – Party Girl Dear PG – Great question! Here are some […]

Hormone-Free vs. Organic Milk

Dear Cooks: I try to buy the healthiest food for my family but I am on a budget. I have heard that it’s important to buy organic dairy but it can get really expensive. Am I ok with the milk that is labeled “Hormone-Free?” Thanks – Sincerely, A Confused Mom Dear ACM: We agree, it […]


Popular Summer Herbs?

Dear Cooks: What are the five most popular summer herbs? I want to try an herb garden this year. Thanks, Barb in Connecticut (via Facebook) Dear Barb – Check out our Herbs and Spices Guide for info and recipes featuring the gamut of herbs, but to answer your question, here are our five favorite summer […]


Roasting Red Peppers

I had always thought roasting red peppers sounded like too much of a chore, and jarred or canned were tasty enough. High quality store bought brands are perfectly delicious, but the other day I made a potato salad with scallions, bacon, blue cheese, and my own roasted red peppers and I really think the peppers made the […]

Good-bye Food Pyramid, hello “MyPlate”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled the new food pyramid which is actually not a pyramid now at all, but a plate. I absolutely love it and it reinforces what many of us know is the key to healthy eating, when you assemble your plate (and it should be a small plate!) it should consist […]