What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

I have always wanted a ricer, but when I am in a kitchen store, I never remember to buy one so I continue on,  ricer-less. Supposedly once you have a ricer, which is basically a giant garlic press for potatoes, you will never make mashed potatoes without one again, as they are ridiculously light and fluffy. […]


Cooks, take care of your knives

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, you’re nowhere in the kitchen without a few good knives. You don’t need an entire knife block-full but really just a chef’s knife, paring knife, and serrated knife. Once you have the right knives, you need to take care of them to make your life in […]


Simple Spaghetti Sauce?

Dear Cooks: I am just looking for a simple spaghetti sauce recipe. I’ve looked on this site & several others, & cant believe how hard this is to find. Any help would be good. I’ve never made home made sauce, so I’m not sure how to even start the process. LOL sounds crazy, but I […]

Light greens vs. dark: which are better for you?

Dear Cooks: Everyone is always talking about how green leafy vegetables are so good for you. But which are better for you – light greens or dark? Thanks! John in Jersey Dear John: While all greens pack a nutritional punch, dark greens are better for you. Vegetables are green because they contain chlorophyl. Chlorophyl is […]


Cooking with lemons – add flavor, not calories

It’s January. The holidays are over. The Christmas cookies have been eaten, the holiday cocktails have been drunk. My pants are a little tight, and my skin is a little pale. I need to lay off the comfort food and embrace some salads, fresh veggies, and lighter fare. I need to think lemons, not butter […]


“Healthy” chocolate recipes?

Dear Cooks: I’m a fussy eater and healthy is not always the way I want to go. Anybody have any healthy chocolate recipes? I’m allergic to all artificial sweeteners. Any thoughts? xxooAnne Dear Anne: Who doesn’t love chocolate? You shouldn’t have to give it up even when eating a healthy diet. All things in moderation […]


What to do with spiral ham leftovers?

Dear Cooks: Every holiday season we receive a spiral ham from a friend as a holiday gift. We can only have so many ham sandwiches and I hate for it to go to waste. Any ideas for meals? Beth in NJ Dear Beth: Ham isn’t restricted to sandwiches – you can make a week of […]