North Shore Animal League

Yesterday was an exciting and emotional day for me.  I was given the Lewyt Humanitarian Award by the North Shore Animal League for my animal advocacy work and for the donations we have been able to make from the proceeds I have generated from the sales of my dog food, Rachael Ray Nutrish.  I’m pleased […]


A charitable week

Just a quick post and shout out to a few organizations I adore- I normally like to go home after a long day of taping and throw on my jammies, but last week I had the pleasure of going to two events that I look forward to all year. Both The Food Bank and City […]

Miley and Me

I never thought I could relate to a 16-year old so well, but then I met Miley Cyrus.  I just had to blog about how cool this girl is.  She’s only 16 years old but she’s so smart, funny, self-effacing, full of integrity and confidence, yet still a kid.  I feel like it took me […]


Austin was a hoot!

We had another fantastic party at the South by Southwest Music Festival this year . I am not sure how next year can get any better, but we will be coming back and we will have another year of great music, food and hopefully Rose’s Mojitos. This year blew me away. I loved the bands […]


South Beach fun in the sun

This year was my favorite year in South Beach at the Food Network Wine and Food Festival. First of all, it was cooler than it usually is, which put me in a great mood. I hate it when it’s too hot, especially when I am cooking. Secondly, I hear the festival made $1.5M over what […]


My new bling

Hey kids, hope everybody had a happy Valentine’s Day-I know I did and I’ll tell you why. I got a new ring and it is a beaut! So here’s the story- I usually take off my wedding rings when I am cooking with messy ingredients like ground meat. I get my hands all sticky and […]

Good news about my throat!

Hey kids, Thank you for all of your sweet notes and posts.  I have been touched with all of your well-wishes for my throat surgery, which was scheduled for this week.  For the past few weeks, my doctor has had me on an intensive new vocal therapy. Very serious stuff!  Well, all my hard work […]

Pumpkin Soup

Dear Rach, A few years ago you made a simple Pumpkin Soup recipe on your Thanksgiving special on Food Network.  I’d like to make the recipe this year for my Thanksgiving table.  Can you post it for me. Thanks Gracie Hi Gracie, Here ya go! Happy Turkey Day! -RAch


Excerpts from Rachael’s new book

My biggest book to date is in stores and available online now. Get your copy of Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book today and while you are at it, buy an extra and give it to a lucky loved one! This book is my answer to your requests-there are Meals for One, Vegetarian Meals, Kosher Meals, […]