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Summer Beauty Fix-Its

Summer is hot and sweaty for everyone, and even I notice more frizz in my hair and perspiration on my brow! Luckily, there are plenty of things to stop you looking as hot as you feel. I’ve picked up these handy tips from makeup artists over the years, and am sharing them with you below! […]


An Oily Situation

Let me share a little secret with you; I have a new favorite beauty product. And while you may be surprised, this little wonder has been available (and used), for centuries. I’m talking about oil. A little while ago I started using facial oil, and it seems the beauty world has been going crazy for […]


Beauty Buzz Words: Part 2, Makeup

I’ve spent hours and hours backstage with makeup artists at fashion shows and on photo shoots over the years, and while I’ve picked up enough knowledge to know most of the lingo, some terms still confound me. And if you’re anything like me, then there are some things (like “neutral eye” or “contouring”) that need […]


Beauty Buzz Words, Part 1- Your guide to deciphering beauty’s favorite buzz words; from antioxidants to neutral eyes.

Ever get confused by the terms and words beauty experts seem to mention in every sentence? From hairdressers to makeup artists, beauty experts often use words and terms that only they really seem to understand. From ‘antioxidants’ to ‘neutral eyes,’ it can get confusing to know exactly what means what. This week, check out exactly […]


Get Inspired by Classic Beauty Looks

If time is a measure of success, than classic beauty looks that have lasted the ages are a great example. From a classic haircut to red nail polish, there are some beauty looks and products that work just as well in 2013 as they did in 1994. Here are some classic looks to take inspiration […]


Texture Time

There’s one thing women want from their haircut: To look good all the time. Whether it’s on the weekend, at a formal gathering, at work, in the supermarket, or in the park, making sure your hair works to suit your lifestyle is important. The right cut can make you feel confident, prettier, and happier. But […]


One Haircut, Three Looks

We’re all told that our haircut should work for us. It should be easy to style at home, continue to look great as it grows out, and instantly transform us. After all, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. But the ways in which you style your locks at home also make a huge difference […]


How to Make Your Haircut Work from Day to Night

There’s nothing like the thrill of getting a new haircut. You feel confident, special, different, excited. And those feelings don’t have to stop when you leave the salon. My latest collection for ULTA make it easy to style your locks in more ways than one. Experimenting with your new cut is a great way to […]