Which do you prefer – a beautiful vintage Chanel cocktail dress, a 1960 vintage Mercedes or the perfect vintage Gucci handbag?  Very hard to choose.  All conjure feelings of lived-in classics looking better with age, not over-done, or over styled and almost sexier lived-in with stories to tell.  Enter New Vintage hair color  – a perfected […]

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Fashion Week Recap!

Fashion week really explored the color wheel this season! We saw splashes of color from head to toe coupled with strong elements of design and texture; Spring 2013 was definitely one of the most vibrant seasons to date! Christine Alcalay Inspiration: Our hair needed reflected simply a child’s innocents coupled with the feeling of wisdom […]

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Summer Stress on our Tresses

With only a few weeks left of our fun in the sun, I thought we should take this opportunity to discuss, from a scientific approach how UV rays cause damage to our locks internally. While we spend less time in the sun during the fall and winter months, remember the sun stays by our side […]


Hair Weather Woes

There’s nothing worse than leaving the sanctuary of climate control with a fresh hair style only to be slammed by the elements! We’ve all been at the mercy of the Mother Nature and it’s always detrimental to our styled locks. Have no fear we have the hair solutions you’ve been looking for to combat humidity, […]

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Coloring Short Hair

Coloring short hair can be a very tricky endeavor, and should never be approached in the same manner as coloring long hair.  Color expert Dallace Walsh of Cutler 57th St offers up some tips on how to get the best results for coloring your short tresses. If you have a haircut that is like Victoria […]


Eye Brow Enhancement Through Color

As a colorist there’s no law you must go by when it comes to lightening or darkening your brows. However, there are a few guidelines that should be followed for the best results. Gaby Bowen from our Cutler 57th St. salon is here to share some insight on the topic. My personal preference is giving […]


My Big Beautiful Blow Dry

The real solution to getting a big beautiful blow dry is to live with a hair dresser. Although, I must confess it’s been many years since I’ve styled my wife’s hair…actually never. Here’s a do it yourself guide to recreating a salon quality blow out. Step 1- Prepping After shampooing and conditioning the hair, towel […]


Fantasy Color

The introduction of fantasy hair colors made its debut in the late 1970s when two young New York City entrepreneurs Tish and Snooky (not to be confused with our Jersey shore Snooky) created, Manic Panic catapulting ultra-vibrant hair tones to a mass level of appeal. While the underground punk rock scene’s anti-establishment virtues got the […]


The Path to Shiny Hair

The path to shiny hair is simpler than you would think despite the reality that some of us just have to work harder than those blessed with naturally shiny hair. Situation: Although hair is dead, the cuticle is made of protein based Keratin scales that are either open or sealed shut. When the scales of […]


The New Age of Hair Color

Cutler color specialist Chiala Marvici keeping us abreast with what’s new and innovative in coloring. When it comes to the world of hair coloring technology has not evolved at the same rate as other industries, for example music, cassettes to CD’s to the iPod. So, it’s an understatement to say it’s exciting and long overdue […]