Braids, Buns and Bangs!

Braids, variations of buns and bangs were the creative thread for fashion week. Here’s a step by step on our Tadashi show where we rolled the hair upwards rather than under, the perfect red carpet look and/or an evening of glamor. For Michael Kors we creatively layered braids on top of braids (looking more complicated […]

Stubborn Grays

While we’d like to pretend they don’t exist or they’re not obvious to the outside world. There is a time and a place to cover, camouflage or celebrate those stubborn grays and John-Paul Sherley-Price, senior colorist at Cutler South Beach has some solutions to combat those stubborn grays! Look/visual Technique Coverage Scattered white odd white […]


Favorite and not so favorite looks of 2011!

Evan Rachel Wood Love the daring transformation and that her styling is off her face with some texture, a little different from the traditional pixie. Olivia Wilde The bangs certainly give her more drama and structure to the overall look. I love the square bangs and how they disconnect from the front layers really bringing […]

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The Quest for the Perfect Layers

Layering your hair can certainly make your life easier when achieving volume and movement, assuming you haven’t fallen into the trap, “the more the merrier” and have been reduced to a mullet. Remember, adding more layers means there is less hair is on your head. Successful layering requires you to keep the correct proportions between […]


The haircut that has survived the test of time… The BOB

From Cleopatra to Josephine Baker and Louise Brooks, Linda Evangelista to Posh Spice’s modern rendition, it’s no coincidence that the bob is still desired in the fashion world. One reason the bob thrives is that done correctly it creates a beautiful strong silhouette. Done poorly as we see on the streets everyday it appears boring […]


Five Minute styling Solutions

It’s quite powerful what you can accomplish in 5 minutes with a few bobby pins, a can of hair spray and a tail comb. Taking you from a regular hair cut to a simple chic style all in the span of 300 seconds. 2 Bobby Pins with a Heavy Side Part: Create desired side part, […]

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Winter Curls

Curly heads have the easiest time during the summer months with high humidity and moisture in the air helping to create texture and movement to the hair. As we know curly hair responds to moisture but all is not lost in the winter. It just takes a little more effort and knowledge to retain those […]


Defining your color style

So many good choices available it’s hard to narrow them down. I thought I would do the one thing you should never do which is to generalize, and put everyone into a box, and not only a box, but a TEN year box and with the help of our fabulous senior colorist Shannon from Cutler […]


Beating Winter Frizz

When it comes to frizzy hair winter presents its own set of challenges! Frizzy hair is caused when the moisture and natural oils in hair is removed. This leaves hair strands coarse and dry making it easier for hair to look frizzy. Many things can cause frizzy hair, weather elements; humidity in the summer or […]


From the Runway to the Real World!

Another great season for New York Fashion Week!! Spring 2012′s muse was natural, simple hair styles that are easy to replicate. Here is a glimpse of some of the shows we worked on backstage and how to recreate these runway looks from the comfort of your own home. TADASHI Shoji- Bohemian Chic Inspiration: To compliment […]