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Guilty Pleasure

I’ve told you all time and time again not to cut your bangs! But, who am I to tell you how to care for your hair. Alright I surrender!!! Essential dos and don’ts to home bang care… Keep the scotch tape far away from your bangs!!! This is one wife’s tail you should ignore at […]

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Goodbye Summer Color, Hello Fall!

Summer is ending and by now that beautiful sun kissed hair is looking a little brassy and tortured.  It’s not quite time to transition to those rich fall hair colors. There are some easy solutions to segway through September.  Rebecca Tame Zimmy, Cutler 57th Street senior colorist has a few tips on making this transition […]


Your Best Salon Appointment

We’ve all walked out of a salon thinking what just happened, and that hair dresser must have been on a different planet when interpreting my request. However, there are some safe guards to avoid potential hair disasters. Getting the right look doesn’t need to feel like you’ve just won the lottery. Consult with your stylist at […]


Skin Care for Men

I know growing up in Australia that skin care was not top of the list when it came to the gents. But now hitting my 40s it’s time to take note. For a skin care product to earn my trust, it must work quickly & visibly and be simple to use. Those same requirements are […]


Mercedes Bens Swim Wear Week 2012!

Swim Wear Week in Miami South Beach! Being by the beach still requires a little effort and looking your best. Here are some fabulous dos that not only work for the beach but translate into afternoon cocktail hour following a day at the beach! Top knot I love this look because it’s simple to style and […]


Growing out short hair!

  Wow what an amazing experience! I just finished working on the final Harry Potter premiere from London to New York City! Coming away from this made me think about the perception of short hair and how a lot of people think it is challenging to get various looks from a short hair cut. Not […]


Summer Treats

Summer certainly has its advantages but when it comes to the health of your hair it’s not doing us any favors! Avoiding sun, salt and choline damage is nearly impossible but here are some healthy summer treats to minimize the suffering.  Shampoo Treatments Redken Color Extend After-Sun Shampoo: An intense replenishment for sun-exposed hair, it […]


The Healthy Lifestyle Toolbox

Five Tools for Every Man (plus, the Women who Love them!) Whether he looks like Ryan Reynolds, can bend it like Beckham, or has the coolness of Christian Bale, it’s a pretty safe bet that most guys are clueless when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Working in the hair & beauty industries, it’s […]


A Third Look Into ULTA’s Spring/Summer Collection

A third look at our ULTA collection focusing on this seasons favorite color authentic, rich, vibrant reds with a feminine glamorous long layered haircut. With long hair I always encourage my clients to learn a few techniques on how to throw their hair up during those summer months. Believe me their easier to learn than […]


Spring/Summer ULTA Collection Look Two!

Every few years an iconic hair cut takes center stage; Louise Brooks, Mia Farrow, Farrah Fawcett, Meg Ryan and who could forget Jennifer Aniston’s iconic “Rachael” cut. This era Emma Watson grabbed the mantle!  Spring was the season of make overs; short, chic and tailored to suit the face shape and this little pixie should […]