Foods and Wines of Chile

I had never been to South America before last week yet had always wanted to go – I had visions of partying all night in Buenos Aires, skiing in Patagonia, dancing on the beach in Rio and exploring the wonders of Machu Picchu, the lost city.  When I was invited to have a culinary tour […]

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Candy Sushi, don’t miss the message

I know it sounds strange to be touting the benefits of candy, but we did have a positive moment with it recently, my son and I that is.  He was taking a lunchtime elective at school called “Sweet Treats” where a few parents taught the kids how to make sweet recipes.  They weren’t for the […]


La Befana, a good witch

Recently my son had to do a school project where he chose a holiday that had some relevance to him, from anywhere around the globe.  Being that his mother is of Sicilian descent, he chose Christmas in Italy.  The most interesting thing to him was when he learned that Italian children do not expect a […]

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Wing Madness

I am from Buffalo, NY, home of the infamous Buffalo Chicken Wing, so as you can imagine, I have a strong opinion about wings in general.  We all have our preferences-drummers vs the two-boned wing, meaty vs thin, crispy skin or juicy and moist, hot and spicy vs mild, and on and on. So when […]

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Helping friends in need

Our little town, just north of New York City, was humbled by Sandy.  I can’t say we were devastated, despite the fact that most people here lost power, because devastated should be a term reserved for places like Breezy Point, Queens, where 50 homes were destroyed, or Seaside Heights, NJ, where you can see the […]


Polenta instead of pasta

I made an amazing Mushroom Ragu this weekend, inspired by the great Lydia Bastianich.  I have been making this recipe of hers for years, but when I saw her on Rachael’s show last week, it reminded me how much I love it. In typical Lydia, northern Italian style, she makes this dish often to be […]

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Visiting the motherland-La Bella Sicilia

As many of you know, I am Sicilian-American,  What I don’t talk about much is the fact that my boyfriend of three and a half years, is also Sicilian-American.  It took me 38 years to find him, but when I did, it just made sense.  You know how people say, “you just know” when you […]


My Juice Cleanse experiment

Today I am eating, or I should say drinking “Mellow Love”, Organic Avenue’s juice bottle #2 on day two of my 3-day cleanse.  Mellow Love is the juice extracted from cukes, celery, lettuce, spinach and parsley.  The guy in the office next to me is downing a burger and fries. If I have ever said […]

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National Rum Day

Who knew today was National Rum Day?  I sure didn’t until a friend sent me a bottle of Santa Teresa Venezuelan sipping rum.  She is working with the company so she turned me on to a few recipes people have created using the rum as a mixer but encourages people to drink it straight up […]


Lump Crab and Pasta

Last night I spotted this giant lump crab meat at the market and without thinking snatched it up. Instinctively I thought about crab cakes but really didn’t want something so breaded and fried for dinner.  It’s summer and it’s hot, so I wanted something a little refreshing but substantial. I decided to buy fresh, short […]