Meatball Perfection

I have been making meatballs my entire adult life and I am 41.  I didn’t learn as a child, tied to my mother’s apron strings as some would like to fantasize the Italian girl’s rearing to be, mostly because I didn’t like meatballs or the idea of them until I became an adult.  As a […]


Pad Thai made easy

Last night I was somehow inspired to make Pad Thai, no idea why.  I think because I had seafood on my mind and knew I had a bag of frozen jumbo shrimp in my freezer. By the way, what a key ingredient to have on hand for a quick meal.  Yes, you could go to […]


Won Ton Soup at Home

Won Ton Soup is one of those things that I crave and is on my list of top ten comfort foods.  Who doesn’t love the slippery noodles and comforting chicken broth? Those little chewy pieces of pork with the red edges (why?) and the floating scallions?  What I used to get in a Chinese restaurant […]


Home made baking ingredients

I really hate artificial anything, especially knowing what we all know now about the effects overly processed foods have on our bodies.  We also know how much better fresh food tastes-think about fresh from the farm, hormone-free milk in glass bottles as opposed to non-organic milk in plastic jugs from the grocery store.  The low […]

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Quick and Easy Savory Tarts

This snack couldn’t be easier.  I was tinkering with puff pastry and crab meat making a crab puff appetizer when I realized how much I love puff pastry in general.  So I decided to try a few alternate uses and they were all heavenly delicious. Inspired by Pepperidge Farm’s own website, here were my variations: […]

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The Endless Backyard BBQ – Part I

My boyfriend and I have been throwing an epic Memorial Day BBQ party for the past three years.  When we first hosted this event, what we thought would be a cookout turned into a 2 day, multi-meal party.  Five people spent the night and became as obsessed about cooking as we are and just couldn’t […]

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Rachael’s Book Tour Dates

Just announced!  Rachael on book tour!  Catch Rachael in one of these cities and get your copy of Book of Burger signed!  Buy the book here and see ya on tour! Wednesday, June  6 – PRINCETON, NJ 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST BARNES & NOBLE Signing 3535 US Route 1 Princeton, NJ  08540 Thursday, […]