Jeweled Salad: Pairing Pears Perfectly

Almost done with August usually means a couple of BBQ weekends left. My friend Shivani and her hubby Mahir threw an amazing BBQ and I got to leave with some pretty great party favors: Recipes! Shivani, who one can always count on to look after both your health and palate, made a most refreshing salad […]

Photo By Alpha

3 Step Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is hugely popular; grown-ups and kiddies alike. There is a layer of attitude on the outside as it hits you with heavy-handed spice and flesh that crackles and chars. Yet the inside is juicy with a murmur of its sharp exterior flavors of cumin, coriander and ginger. This recipe is a step-by step […]


No-Cooking, Fat Free Lentil Salad

The recent 90-degree days have made me challenge my habitual need for a soupy lentil stew. As I stared down at my green lentils submerged in water, the thought of hot lentils was fast losing its appeal. But they were in water since the night before and I had to to do something with them. […]