Throwing veggie links on the BBQ – Kebabs

I wouldn’t be the first to notice that vegetarians get short-changed during BBQ season. A slew of salads may be great but what about some BBQ action that goes beyond pieces of marinated veggies (especially when marinades slide right off)? Last weekend, some outdoor grilling was in the cards and my father in-law is a […]


Carrots and Cumin Salad – Refreshing and Gorgeous

Last night, I drew inspiration from my spice containers and made a carrot salad tossed in cumin, cayenne and cilantro. By adding an additional brightness of olive oil, fresh garlic and fresh cilantro – this dish came to life. All it took was some thoughtfulness and minimal effort and these carrots were ‘actually present’ on […]


Now that my kind of BBQ – Japanese Yakitori!

Yesterday, Taeko Takigami, friend and founder of Com Culture, invited me to her event at The Soho House on Japanese Yakitori. Chef Tadashi Ono, veteran of both French and Japanese cuisine, captivated the evening as he rotated skewered meats on a hot grill and thread cherry tomatoes and shishito peppers on to wooden sticks. As […]


No place like home – Black Pepper Chicken

For the passed four days, we have been vacationing in Chicago. The city is gorgeous and architecturally, felt like Europe on stilts. The food, Lake Michigan, Anish Kapoor’s famous Bean sculpture – what was there not to fall in love with. Part of me was wondering whether I should be checking out real estate in […]


Masala Fries and Tips with Tricks

Last week we made fries for a weekend afternoon snack. Since that was all we were eating, they needed a little jazzing up. Fries that could hold their own without the mess of condiments dripping across my couch.  I came up with Masala Fries – fries that were perfectly crispy and given a light dusting […]


Play That Funky Music, White Boy

My buddy Tim is from the Mid-West with origins that trace back to the Dutch Settlers (we’re talking centuries here). Yet, anything but Midwest comes out of his kitchen.  Last week Bollywood tunes were cranked high as Tim was rolling out ‘roti’ (Indian flat bread) to go with my sister-in-law’s chicken curry. Rotis are something […]