Salmon Fish Sticks With OOOOMPH

Sometimes, you just don’t want a full on dish for dinner. Whilst tucking in to a meal works well most nights, there are some nights you want a little freedom. Perhaps a beer and some think that doesn’t require a fork and knife. Last Wednesday was an evening like that for my husband. He wanted […]


Slow-Cooked Kidney Beans Stew

When mom declares Sunday lunch as Rajma-Chawal – you know the mood she is creating for her home. Shawl is rice and sloshed over it is rajma, a kidney bean stew, that starts with a sauté and flows on to a lazy simmer. It is North India’s ultimate comfort dish and almost always eaten at […]


My Quick ’2-bite’ falafels

This week has been nuts. Whilst ‘nuts’ brings with it an adrenalin rush, it also brings a lot of dodgy eating. Last week, my snacks were divided between hidden Halloween candy (wrong on more levels than one) and flavor-enhanced potato chips. Today enough is enough and I have decided to spend some time making snacks […]


When Famed Peter Luger Meets Saag Paneer

Saag Paneer is an Indian restaurant topper. This dish of spinach and cheese has a mass appeal to adults and kids alike.  There is comfort in saag paneer which stems perhaps from it’s familiarity and yet element of adventure. The spinach itself is like cream of spinach and the paneer appeals to our mouth memory […]


Keema Parantha – India’s Meat Stuffed Pastry

It is the Sunday mornings I miss in particular about being unmarried and living at home with my parents in good old Hounslow, our little suburb in West London. Staggering downstairs around 11am, dad would thrust a perfect cup of tea in to my hands whilst mum made the usual, savory-stuffed pastry ‘parantha’. Paranthas are […]


Holi Celebration With Milk And Cookies

Holi is one of India’s biggest holidays, arguably more popular than even Diwali. It marks the celebration of spring and what better way to do it than with an explosion of color – quite literally. Whilst the faint hearted should consider staying at home, those with a bit of ‘oomph’ put on their gleaming white […]


When Guests Make Dinner – Pizza Party

Yesterday afternoon, we had an impromptu invite from our friends Shilpa and Jayesh for Sunday dinner. We were at the cusp of a new week and decided to head over early, giving Monday a chance to start off the right way. When we got there, the kitchen table was filled with lots of little bowls. […]