Vegan Passion Fruit Cheesecake – Oh So Passionate!!

2 days to V-Day so start priming. Be different this Thursday. Trackie bum loyalists – give those contours a little exposure! And for those of you who dress to the nines everyday, loosen-up – perhaps an over-sized sweater to curl up by the fireplace might be nice. Dare and declare to be different this valentines […]


Super Bowl Chicken Sliders

Sunday, as in SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, is just around the corner. Somehow, this sport made the transition to the ‘festive holiday’ category. We barely packed away the Christmas tree and now sports memorabilia of all sorts are being pulled out and grocery lists adhese to the refrigerator door. Friends and family will congregate and will […]


Home-Made Yogurt – Made Oh So Easy!!

When I got married – 13 years ago and counting, I remember having a meal cooked by my mother-in-law. On any given night in my home, there was always a container of plain yogurt on the table to be eaten along side the meal. On that particular night, after we were done with dinner, my […]