Cranberry and lemon chutney

Cranberry and Meyer Lemon Chutney

When I met Hari Nayak of the Dosateria (remember that lovely wafer-crepe place at Whole Foods) last week, he gave me one of his books – Easy Indian Cooking. The book was filled with recipes from the Indian sub-continent but there were dishes inspired by his time spent on the East and West coasts.  As […]

Christina Nuzzo/LifeMosaic Photography LLC

Dosateria: The Crisp Crepes With Exotic Fillings

Whole Foods Market did it yet again! They took a risk and are now reaping the rewards. When Whole Foods Market first opened doors in Columbus Circle NYC , they launched with Indian food purveryor Café Spice and their ready to go meals and hot buffet. North Indian mainstays like chick pea curry and cream […]


Farewell Curry Club With Chicken Tikka Masala

Last week was the final installment of The Curry Club Series 1. Since this marked the finish line, it made sense to do it strong with the U.K’s national pride ‘ Chicken Tikka Masala’. Exceptional Chicken Tikka Masala is an off-shoot of India’s classic dish ‘butter chicken’. Butter chicken rightfully get’s its name from it’s […]

Shrimp Curry

The Curry Club Goes Live – Shrimp Curry

This month, I hijacked 4 popular dishes from the Union Jack, bundled them together, christened it ‘The Curry Club’ and launched it at The Jones Wood Foundry in New York. Yes, Great Britain may be known for it’s tweed and plaid, but there is a culture of gold paisleys that weaves through it; Indian. Since […]


Hurricane Sundae

Wow, what a week and it is only Tuesday when I write this! Was the hurricane really going to hit us? Was it just hype? Friday and Saturday looked fine to me, so it seemed doubtful that much would change. But boy did it change! Well, thankfully I went through the motions of getting prepared […]


Meatless Tuesdays – Stuffed Tomato Cups

Many people observe meatless Mondays, but for me and many other people of Indian origin, that day is Tuesday. There is a religious significance to this chosen day of the week, but if I am to be truthful here, I am not entirely sure why that is and for me it’s one of those inherited […]


Veggie Sloppy Joe(Pav Bhaji) – Ain’t No Ordinary Joe

My refrigerator this morning was full of half-filled containers. How uninspiring! Nothing but leftover cooked vegetables that never quite made it to anyone’s plate this weekend. There were a few issues here-1) I couldn’t do more grocery shopping thanks to the lack of refrigeration real estate 2) None of the leftovers were substantial enough to […]