8 Untraditional Uses for Cooking Spray

I love cooking spray since it’s got virtually no calories, is so easy to use and when I spray it in my pan or on my grill before I begin cooking, I have so much fun making designs or writing my name which gives me that, je ne sais quoi,  I can cook attitude.   But, […]

6 Money Saving Summertime Tips to Stop Stinks and Stains

With the unofficial start of summer the living is getting easier but along with it comes some common ‘stuff that bugs us’ literally and figuratively….Here are a few simple, money ‘n time-saving, semi home-made tips and tricks to deal with these little annoyances! Sneaker Odor: Read all About It! Simply crumble up sheets from those […]


With warmer weather in sight, we’re breaking out our cottons, lace and flip flops and packing away our cashmeres, wools and boots.  YEAH! But before you do that, I just wanted to share some tips to insure when cooler months return and you break out your fall and winter clothing from their summer hibernation, you […]


As I was multi-tasking this morning drinking my second cup of coffee with my right hand and chucking the used filter ‘n its grinds with my left, I realized that I should share some unusual uses for both these items particularly being in the spirit of Earth Day.  So here are some fab uses for […]

THE DIRT ON HOUSEPLANTS Eco-Friendly Home Multi-taskers

With Earth Day less then a couple of weeks away I thought I’d share a multi-tasker that is right under our noses which  can help cut your electric bill, reduce noise; beautify your home and keep your indoor air clean without even trying…Ye good ole houseplant.  That’s correcto, according to a two-year study that NASA  […]