Laundry 101: A Frat House Laundry Makeover

‘n Just Enough K.I.S.S. Tips ‘n Tools When Rachael asked me to go visit 7 frat guys in their frat house to help them sort out their laundry I was imagining scenes from Animal House! So I reached for my haz-mat suit and GPS to navigate my way upon entry through the piles of dirty […]


7 Ways to Save Energy and Money in the Bathroom

In keeping with my last blog’s theme of ways to weather the cold indoors and save on our energy bills, and with this week’s dangerously cold temps in much of the country, I decided to share a few more energy and money saving tips from my book, THE ULTIMATE ACCIDENTAL HOUSEWIFE.  These are simple and […]


7 Easy Economical Ways To Save On Winter Energy Bills

My how time flies! Holidays are over, kids are back in school and our New Year’s resolutions are almost a distant memory -must be January!! And, that means for lots of us it’s cold ‘n nasty and so our energy bills – Particularly if you’ve got leaks and are overlooking those nooks and crannies where […]

Fast Fashion Fixes

Okey dokey we’re in the final stretch of getting all dolled up, partying ‘til we drop, and dealing with those annoying little fashion 911s that always happen at the wrong time.  But fear not, Gangnam Style fixes are here.  Gangnam Style she says???  That’s correcto.  I did some research to find out exactly what Gangnam […]