Laundry day

There comes a time eventually, and for me this day recently arrived, when the good ole washer or dryer you’ve had for 30 years gives out.  Truth is, it was so well-built, it probably could be fixed, but no one has the parts anymore!  For me it was the dryer that kicked the bucket, and […]


Krazy Glue saves the day

When I think of Krazy Glue I think of commercials from the 70′s and 80′s. It was everywhere, and I vaguely remember some kind of catchy jingle. I always thought of it as some kind of gimmick and had basically forgotten about it until recently when I broke one of my kitchen blinds. I have […]

A leaky toilet will cost you!

Recently I opened my water bill and it was up by almost $100 over the prior quarterly statement.  In looking back over the year, this was by far the highest bill I have ever received.  I called the water company and of course the first thing they asked is if I had a leaky toilet […]


Favorite aprons and accessories

I don’t usually write about fashion in this blog but I must say, the world of aprons has finally evolved.  What used to be limited to the same old, unshapely butcher’s apron with maybe a logo or a funny saying like “kiss the cook,” has grown into something more, well, fitting.  Take a look at […]

I spilled! Laundry stain removal 101

On the Cleaning Lady Blog we talk a lot about natural cleaning products (vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are the stars) but we haven’t actually covered how to quickly and effectively handle a laundry stain. Hot water or cold water? Apply soap or leave it alone? Here is a how-to on what to do […]

How do I clean rust on baking pans?

Dear Cleaning Lady: I have had my trusty 9 x 13 brownie pan forever and I am noticing some rust spots. Is this dangerous? Can I clean off the rust or should I toss it? Thanks! Brownie Baker Dear BB: Don’t toss the pan but definitely get rid of the rust before you bake with […]


Clear the jewelry clutter with this clever organizer

I love big jewelry – particularly necklaces – and I have accumulated so many necklaces over the years that they started to take over the very valuable and limited real estate of the top of my dresser. I have these cute necklace hangers/trees that were meant to be decorative yet eventually mine were overflowing with […]

Cleaning your computer monitor

A computer is a significant investment. It’s amazing how it looks so beautiful when you first bring it home and yet how quickly the screen can accumulate fingerprints and smudges, especially if you have kids. Most monitors now are LCD, or flat panel monitors. You would think you could spray some Windex or other glass […]