Time to change your mattress

In the world of bed bug infestation, it’s important to take a look at your mattress and consider its lifespan and care. First, when you buy one, you should buy a protective covering that you can take off and wash periodically or if something spills on it.  This should be waterproof. You should rotate your […]

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Fire Safety/Hazards in the Home

Periodically you need to clean certain parts of your home that collect dust and dirt and that are close to some kind of high heat source.  Here are a few of those places that if not cleaned regularly, could pose a fire hazard to your home. The clothes dryer You must clean out not only […]


Toaster or toaster oven?

My friend’s toaster broke, and she is taking an informal poll of friends as to what she should buy next – traditional toaster or toaster oven? She discovered that people have pretty strong opinions on the subject, as people tend to have on items they use daily. I grew up in a toaster house. Four […]

Is it ok to leave your grill outside all winter?

Dear Cleaning Lady: Winter is on its way – I’ve always wondered, can I leave my gas grill outside all winter or do I need to bring it inside? Thanks, Rebecca in Rochester Dear Rebecca: You can safely leave your grill outside all winter – and use it (bundle up!) –  as long as you […]

How to Deal with Fruit Flies

Thanks to the overripe bowl of peaches on my counter, I recently had an infestation of fruit flies. In the past I have had one or two that I could catch in my hand and that was that, but this time there were quite a few – for a few days. They were not to […]


The Dollar Store delivers on cleaning products

I had to replenish my cleaning supplies this week and while vinegar works for washing the floor and other cleaning chores (see my blog all about cleaning with vinegar here), I needed to get some other basic supplies. I decided to check out the Dollar Store and see what I could cross of my list […]