How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Have you checked out your ceiling fan up close and personal lately? If you haven’t, chances are it’s time to clean it. The amount of serious dust and debris that can accumulate up there is truly amazing; in order to keep your fan in top working order, it is imperative that you clean it a few […]


How to clean a portable fan

Summer has finally arrived – time to lug the old portable fans out of storage. Have you ever taken a close look at a portable fan that’s been around a few years? It’s not pretty – when dust accumulates, it takes on a life of its own – look at this grille: The good news […]


Flying Ants!

A few weeks ago we had a sudden sweltering day – 89 degrees – after many cool, rainy days in a row. My kids were in our garage with some friends, pulling out some toys, when they came running and shrieking into the house, like banshees. My older daughter, the biggest chicken in the bunch, […]

Keeping Pests out of Your Garden

Have you ever taken the time to plant flowers and vegetables only to have them ravaged by spiders, bugs, rabbits, or other unwanted visitors? Here are some ways to keep pests out of your garden: Animals: Keep four legged visitors away by scattering mothballs or used coffee grounds around your beds. You can plant some Fritillaria, ornamental garlic […]

Easy Flowers for Containers or Pots

Now that the snow has finally melted, gardening season is upon us. I think a lot of us would love to have a full garden but don’t have the space and/or time. An easy way to beautify your home is by planting flowers in pots and other containers to give your home’s exterior a pop […]


Take Care of Your Vacuum!

What would you do without your vacuum? I know for me there are few things as satisfying as seeing a freshly vacuumed rug with the vacuum tracks running up and down its surface. Vacuums can last years, with proper care and regular maintenance. Plus, they are expensive so you want to get the longest life possible […]


Plants in the House – Good for Your Health

Plants not only make your house look better, they can make you feel better too. Studies show that plants can help to purify the air, make you feel more hopeful and optimistic (according to studies done by hospital doctors) and fight fatigue and colds (by increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust). Experts recommend 15-18 house plants […]

Save Your Ice Cube Trays: 11 Clever Uses

Most freezers today come with automatic ice machines and it seems like the days of filling up ice cube trays with water and carefully placing them in the freezer, spilling some in the process, are long gone. Ice cube trays are useful for many tasks beyond making ice and can in fact be your secret weapon […]