Roasting Red Peppers

I had always thought roasting red peppers sounded like too much of a chore, and jarred or canned were tasty enough. High quality store bought brands are perfectly delicious, but the other day I made a potato salad with scallions, bacon, blue cheese, and my own roasted red peppers and I really think the peppers made the […]

Emily Wyckoff

Make your own microwave popcorn

Who knew that you don’t need to buy microwave popcorn to make popcorn in the microwave? Not me until recently. All you need is a brown paper lunch bag, a stapler, and some regular popcorn. I know you’re probably thinking “staples in the microwave?!?” It’s ok, really. Something to do with the staples being shorter […]

Emily Wyckoff

Spinach Bacon Quiche

This Saturday my family wanted to go out for Mexican for lunch. I had just had a bonanza shopping trip at the grocery store a few days prior so on principle (although I really did want a taco) I insisted on making lunch. Soooo tired of peanut butter or tuna sandwiches, I remembered a box of […]