Louisa Shafia

The HankyBook

I’m always on the lookout for ways to cut waste around the house, so when I was at my favorite spa, this adorable packet of hankies for sale near the register caught my eye. Yep, that’s right, hankies. Those things that your parent’s or grandparent’s generation used to blow their nose before the advent of […]

monkeysevette post-image

Recipes- Good Enough for a Monkey?!

Being one of Rachael’s buddies, means I am lucky enough to meet some really amazing chefs – Ingrid Hoffman, Katie Lee Joel, Bobby Flay, and Daisy Martinez are the first to come to mind (besides Rach herself, of course).  But there are many others, from courageous Iron Chefs to innovative Next Food Network stars.  But […]

Last minute lady

Wear Your Seatbelt!

Not to be a total downer, but I feel compelled to share this story with you guys. This past Sunday, my family and I took a drive to go try a great pizza place in another town. We had a fabulous lunch and were just driving around looking at the other great restaurants in the […]