Cherry Kefir Frozen Pops

I came up with this treat a few years ago for my first son before he got his first tooth and needed something to soothe his sore gums. This recipe is one that both kids and parents will love because it’s cold, creamy and super healthy. They are all natural, with no added sugar so, […]

Emily Wyckoff

The perfect brownie – finally

I have been on a quest for the perfect brownie. I am not talking about a mint brownies, peanut butter brownies, brookies, or brownie cupcakes. No swirls, cheesecake, caramel or frosting, but a straight-up, plain bake sale brownie. I prefer a chewy brownie with the crackly coating on top – not cakey, not too sweet, […]

Pet Lovers

Stop the counter surfing!

We adopted our sweet and lovable yellow lab Chloe two years ago and with her came some horrible habits (and yes, my kids like to dress her up in fake glasses). While our dear departed yellow lab Biko was a dead ringer for Marley from the so-named movie, Chloe is truly a pure-bred princess, even […]

Emily Wyckoff

Chocolate Banana Bread

I am particular about bananas, like most people. I have always liked them slightly under-ripe. My mom likes them on the ripe side, cold from the fridge. My friend can’t eat them whole, but needs to cut them up first. My dear, departed dog Biko wasn’t particular and would eat them from the floor, or […]

Emily Wyckoff

S’more Bars Part Deux

I wrote a blog about a S’more Bar recipe almost two years ago which was delicious but a little fussy – it called to pre-bake a crust, there was some simmering, I had to go to the store for heavy cream. So while delicious, it required a few more dishes and extra steps than my […]