Louisa Shafia

The Clean Plates Cookbook

Have you ever wished that when you went out to dinner, or visited a new town, you knew where to find a restaurant that served healthy food? Well that’s the information that the Clean Plates website provides, and now they’ve published The Clean Plates Cookbook, full of healthy recipes — many of which are contributed […]

Emily Wyckoff

Junk in Da Trunk Cookies

When I first starting baking, your standard chocolate chip cookie or classic brownie was more than enough for me. As I have continued on my baking journey, I have delved deeper and deeper into different kinds of recipes. Classic recipes are my favorite – think lemon squares, oatmeal cookies, blondies, red velvet cupcakes. I went […]

Emily Wyckoff

Blondie-Topped Brownies

It being the new year, I started 2013 with the best of intentions. I would eat more fruits and vegetables, eliminate or cut down on processed foods (good bye fries and chips), cut down on wine (ugh), vary my workout routine (hello stretching), and no sugar during the week (this means baking too). I officially […]

Emily Wyckoff

Birthday Cookie Cake

I have always loved cookie cake and fondly remember the cookie cakes from the 80′s and 90′s. I was a frequent patron of the Original Cookie Company (I think that was the name?) at my local mall in high school – nothing better than a slightly undercooked giant chocolate chip cookie with thick frosting. Then […]

Emily Wyckoff

Triple Layer Oreo Cake

I was a child of the 70′s. Some of my favorite foods were Captain Crunch, Pop Tarts, Oreos, Sugar Corn Pops, and Frosted Flakes (there seems to be a sugary-cereal theme). I preferred my Oreos cold from the fridge and dipped in milk until they were saturated to the point of disintegration (a lot of […]