The Cleaning Lady

Laundry day

There comes a time eventually, and for me this day recently arrived, when the good ole washer or dryer you’ve had for 30 years gives out.  Truth is, it was so well-built, it probably could be fixed, but no one has the parts anymore!  For me it was the dryer that kicked the bucket, and […]

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On Kappys Plate

Some of My Recent Chicago Eats

Half the fun of discovering a new restaurant is sharing it with people you know will enjoy it. As Rachael Ray’s resident restaurant guru, here’s an inside look at what I report back to Rach about some of my favorite restaurant finds and food experiences! From: Kappy To: RR Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 4:12pm […]


Masala Fried Chicken

A night out on the town for hubby and me is a place to grab some crisp fried chicken and a beer. Can it be more ‘no-nonsense’ than that! In New York, Fried chicken has many faces, such as the unanimous Southern Fried Chicken, soy glazed Korean Fried Chicken (a bit more wings focused), Thai […]