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Roast Chicken in the Style of Porchetta with Roast Lemon, Fennel and Potatoes

“In the style of porchetta” means to prepare like porchetta – a pork loin wrapped in pork belly with rosemary. Here, I finely chop or process pork and combine it with garlic, rosemary and lemon zest, which add a layer of flavor between the skin and meat of a whole chicken. I have my butcher spatchcock my chickens (remove the back bone). Roasting a chicken that is butterflied cuts down on roasting time and in easier to carve." –RR

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Recipe by Rachael Ray from Rachael Ray Show 05/30/14


"This is a favorite late-night dinner for my husband and me. John’s favorite meal is carbonara; he always asks for it on his birthday. We also make it when he plays with his rock band. John doesn’t like to eat dinner before a show, so this has become our favorite midnight supper after a gig. It’s really like an early breakfast, with pasta rather than potatoes or bread. It is, after all, bacon and eggs. The only trick to carbonara is tempering the egg yolks to ensure you do not end up with scrambled eggs. For the brightest color, I use Araucana eggs, which are widely available at Whole Foods and farmers' markets. The eggs have a greenish-blue tint to the shell and the hens that lay them are often fed marigolds, which make the egg yolks intensely bright yellow-orange.

Many recipes for carbonara include cream, but I never add cream. The creamy quality of the sauce should come from the tempered eggs emulsifying with the cheeses and pasta." –RR

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Recipe by Rachael Ray from Rachael Ray Show 05/09/14