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Rachael and John’s anniversary party

Rachael and John celebrated their second anniversary weekend with a lucky group of friends in the small town of Montalcino in Tuscany, Italy.  It was the perfect weekend to go to Tuscany as the weather could not be beat.  75 degrees and sunny every day, and the nights were nice and cool.  The group whooped it up with great food, amazing wine and alot of laughs.  Read about the favorite restaurants in the restaurant guide. 

For Montalcino, hands down the best restaurant is called Boccon Di Vino.  Let Mario take you on the gastronimic ride of the lifetime!  However, if you are in the Vineyards outside of Montalcino, there is a great restaurant called Ferraiole, which is located in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.  About 15 minutes outside of Montalcino is a town called Pienza which has a wonderful outdoor cafe called Latte Di Luna.

If you happen to make it to Florence for the day, give Il Lentini a try.  You can’t beat these Tuscan steaks. 

And if you fly in and out of Rome, hit the Trastevere section for Mamma’s cooking at Spirito Di Vino.

And be sure to tell them Rachael sent ya!

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