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Creative Birthday Parties for Kids

Birthday parties these days can really break the bank, especially when you add up the cost of food, the cake, the entertainment (i.e. a clown or magician), the place to hold the party and the over-the-top goodie bags that are expected these days at kids’ parties. Sometimes it feels like parents are trying to outdo each other, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to make the kids smile and let the good times roll.

First of all, you can limit the number of kids for the party – you don’t have to invite the entire class. You can do a class party at school and then a smaller one, with, say, 8 kids, at your house. That way, the kids all get to spend time with each other, rather than fighting for a seat at the table.

Second, decorate your house with a creative theme, perhaps about the seasons or something that interests your child. You can see from the photo that this family found a way to make their house the pirate ship which as you can imagine, completely fascinated the little guests. Fall foliage and spring flowers also work – and you can enlist your birthday party-goers to help as part of the fun.

Third, keep the food part simple, but healthy. They’re going to eat cake or cupcakes at the end of the party, so why not give them something to feel good about first?  We are all pressed for time, so there is no need to get fancy where the kids are concerned.  Pizza is fine for a party, but you can also get creative and make mini burgers, turkey or tuna pinwheels, little sandwiches, and for a side dish, cut up some strawberries and pineapple and stick them on small skewers for some fruit kabobs. In fact, here are some Yum-o! Family Friendly meal ideas.

Lastly, the goodie bags don’t need to be filled with junk and candy. Fewer, long-lasting gifts are better than a bag filled to the brim with throw away toys. In fact, a party craft can be to decorate your own brown paper bag with glitter paints, toy eyes and cut out lips. Then allow the guests to fill the bags from small bowls of candy, fun toys and useful craft toys like stickers, pens for school, and notepads.

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