Beyond Cereal

When I was growing up, I remember quickly throwing down a bowl of Cheerios before rushing off to school. I am not sure how it has come to be that my children lounge about on the couch on weekday mornings as I rattle off their breakfast options. This is how it usually goes:

Me: “What do you guys want for breakfast?”

no answer

Me again: (A little less-patient-sounding voice but trying to remain extra patient as the day has just begun – there is a long day ahead of us): “What do you guys want for breakfast?”

(Usually my 7 year old will humor me with a response at this point.)

7 year old: “What can we have?”

Me: “The same choices you have every morning.”

7 year old: “I forget.”

Me: “English Muffin, Bagel, Toast, Waffles, French Toast Sticks, Cereal.”

All three (in unison): “Can we have pancakes?!?!”

Pancakes (made that morning) are relegated to weekends, as they all know, yet we continue to have this conversation. However, I have learned that many “weekend” breakfast items can be made ahead and frozen or refrigerated for weekday use. Some ideas:

Pancakes! Make an extra batch over the weekend and they should keep in the refrigerator, wrapped in foil, for three days. I also wrap individually in plastic wrap and put in large freezer bags and freeze. Microwave as needed (take out of plastic wrap of course).

Waffles – same storage as above

Your favorite muffins – same storage as above

Breakfast breads (ie, banana, pumpkin, etc.) I always make a double batch and freeze one loaf – you can also freeze individual slices, wrapped in plastic wrap and in freezer bags as with the pancakes. My kids love banana bread with chocolate chips lightly toasted (directly from frozen state) topped with peanut butter. Yum.

Egg cups – These are basically baked scrambled eggs in muffin tins – add your favorite scrambled egg companions – ham, cheese, spinach, etc., bake at 350 until set (be sure to grease the muffin tins). They should pop right out. When cool, wrap in plastic wrap and throw in the freezer bags. Defrost in the microwave during the week and voila- easy hot savory breakfast.

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