Mom – I’m Hungry!

“Mom, when’s dinner?”

“I’m hungry!”

“What can I have for a snack?”

How many times a day do I hear those words, especially with the advent of school, which also means the beginning of fall activities – soccer, gymnastics, play dates, bike riding, etc. So, how to satisfy your kids’ snack attacks without ruining the next meal, and ensuring that it’s healthy too? Here are some snack ideas that are successful in my house:

Sliced apples and/or bananas with peanut butter

String cheese or sliced cheese and whole grain crackers

Kids hors d’oeuvre plate – carrots and celery with dips (hummus, low fat ranch or blue cheese dressing), nuts (my kids love almonds and cashews), and grapes

Dry cereal medley (mix up your kids favorite cereal and serve as a snack) – some of our favorites are Life cereal, Cheerios (plain and Honey Nut varieties), Kix and Puffins

Make your own trail mix – set up nuts, cereal, raisins and/or craisins, yogurt pretzels and/or raisins, chocolate chips or M&Ms (this is the bonus part – be sure to monitor this selection! My kids would skip the other options and go straight for the good stuff, if left unsupervised!!) and let the kids go to town. I like to give them a plastic cup to make the mix in.

English muffin or bagel pizza – let them make it themselves with pizza sauce, shredded low fat cheese and any veggie toppings they might like (this is often dinner or lunch in my house!). I like to toast the muffin or bagel first, let the kids do the toppings, then I’ll throw under the broiler until the cheese is melted.

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