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You know you’re getting old when…

Okay I am going to start a thread here. Who feels old? As of today, I do.

Just last week I was out on the town, dancing the night away with some friends, feeling kind of young. Better still, I recently joined a 30+ womens’ soccer team (I’m on the higher end of that decade) and have started every Sunday morning feeling like a teenager again. Until today.

Two weeks ago, after a soccer game, I left with a little limp from a sore left calf. I didn’t think anything of it because I have never been injured in my life, no broken bones, nothing, or if I have, I have always toughed it out. I don’t even get a sniffle. Since that Sunday, the soreness has subsided and I have continued my usual routine of running a few miles every day. Today, while coaching my 5 year old’s soccer team, we decided to let the purple team scrimmage against the light blue team. Despite my fine coaching for the past few weeks, this being their first scrimmage, the kids had no idea what they were supposed to be doing so they all descended upon the ball like flies on candy. Eventually, they understood the concept of getting the ball away from the opposing team and carrying it down the field in one direction to ultimately score between two orange cones. In fact, three of my players, were, truly, AWESOME! I was a little vaklempt, to be honest. So vaklempt that when Anthony, or as we call him, “Ant,” scored the first goal, I jumped up and down in the air waving my arms like a maniac and then I heard a loud “SNAP!”

Ouch. Suddenly, my left leg no longer worked. In fact it hurt so badly that I really couldn’t move. I tried to play it cool and keep going, especially since my team was winning and I couldn’t drag them down, and I am the girl coach so I had to keep up with all the dads, but seriously, I was done.

That was 4 hours ago. I remain on my couch, iced, feeling like a fool. The dr. thinks I tore a ligament. Is this the first sign of middle age???

By the way, not to brag, but, purple creamed light blue! Go Ant!

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