Travels in Italy: Florence

If you make it to Florence, you have to try Il Latini for the Tuscan Steak. The restaurant has two seatings-one at 7:30 and one at 9:30, and be prepared to wait a bit because this place is popular! You will most likely sit at a communal table, but what a great way to make new friends.

I was lucky enough to dine here recently and get a tour of the wine cellar. At first glance, I thought the wine cellar was a mess because of the way the bottles were just strewn about as is the case with this Sassicaia collection.

I mean this stuff is like $300 a bottle in the US and look at how it is stored here!

The food was amazing. You have to get the Tuscan steak, of course, but also try the chicken livers (wow) and the desserts were pretty special if you can make it that far. I can’t really say anything we ate was bad, and we ate alot. Here is a sampling of our dinner:

  • Peccorino cheese slices
  • chicken liver on toast
  • bruscetta
  • pappa al pomodoro (bread and tomato soup)
  • penne with a ragu sauce
  • Tuscan steak
  • veal chops
  • rabbit
  • and an amazing selection of desserts

Here are some photos from that night:

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