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Handy Foods for Healthy Snacking

There are times when I find myself looking for a quick snack to grab for my kids (or myself) as we head out for a car ride or a walk or as they head off for school in the morning. Often, I am staring at a cupboard full of crackers and pretzels. Some fellow mothers and I decided to put together this snack checklist for good raw materials to have in the house. With these items handy, you can make quick snacks or even basic meals.

You can tailor this list to you and your child’s likes and dislikes, but half the battle of good eating is being prepared and having the proper food at the ready and some basic recipes that you can turn to in a pinch.

Here’s our list. You can even print this out and bring it to the grocery store with you!




  •      Apples – some snack ideas with apples
  •      Berries – some recipe ideas with berries
  •      100% Juice
  •      Watermelon
  •      Asparagus – some recipe ideas with asparagus
  •      Baby carrots
  •      Grapes
  •      Corn on the cob
  •      Green beans
  •      Vegetable juice, such as V-8
  •      Cream cheese
  •      Ricotta cheese
  •      Plain yogurt
  •      Celery
  •      Soy milk (plain, vanilla or chocolate)
  •      Lowfat milk
  •      Cheese, such as string cheese for snacking, shredded to make pizzas

         or quesadillas, wheels for snacking, and mozzarella for pizza and

         parmesans like chicken or eggplant
  •      Eggs


  •      Frozen veggies, such as corn, peas, etc.
  •      Frozen fruit, such as berries and peaches (good for smoothies)
  •      Chicken hot dogs or sausage
  •      Waffles (see Rach’s Wafflewich recipe)
  •      Chicken nuggets, or make Rachael’s Chicken Toes and freeze them
  •      Pizza dough
  •      Fruity, low fat frozen yogurt


  •      Applesauce (all-natural, no sugar added)
  •      Whole wheat crackers
  •      Raisins
  •      Craisins
  •      Peanut butter (see this cool recipe for a PB&J)
  •      Nuts of all kinds
  •      Pretzels
  •      New potatoes
  •      Cherry or grape tomatoes
  •      Pineapple (fresh, frozen or canned with no syrup)
  •      Bananas
  •      Rice cakes
  •      Popcorn
  •      Dried fruits (such as dates, apricots, etc)
  •      Honey (just a touch on yogurt goes a long way!)
  •      Cinnamon sugar (just a touch on toast goes a long way!)
  •      Cereal (low sugar – under 10 grams  is a good rule of thumb)
  •      Bananas
  •      Macaroni (whole wheat)
  •      Tortillas
  •      Soy chips
  •      Chick peas (for making hummus)
  •      Black olives (for snacking)
  •      Canned chopped tomatoes (here are some quick sauces)
  •      Whole grain bread
  •      Oatmeal
  •      Sun-dried tomatoes

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