Meal Planning Mondays

Even before I had kids, I would try and go grocery shopping once a week (usually Sunday or Monday) and NOT go back to the store. Kind of a personal challenge. I plan meals at least for Monday through Thursday. My husband and I laugh as we remember how long ago (in the mid-90’s – time of the Friends Rachel haircut, grunge and shoe boots – can you believe those are back but I digress) pre-children, even pre-marriage, we would go to the grocery store TOGETHER, casually strolling the aisles, leisurely perusing the produce. Ha. How times have changed. Now I have my list made according to the aisle of each item and see how quickly I can get through it, especially while dodging people like old high school teachers and parents from my kids’ school. And if I have my kids with me, trying to limit their food intake to bagels only.

Anyway, planning my meals takes just a few minutes and makes life a lot easier. I sit down on Sunday or Monday and think about the week, maybe have some food magazines or cookbooks if I am in need of inspiration and quickly jot down the list. I stick to the list, hopefully don’t buy things I don’t need and am in and out of the store.  If there are coupons in the paper, even better.  My mom used to keep what seemed like hundreds of them in a shoe box and wouldn’t dream of buying anything that wasn’t either on sale or had a coupon.  I’m not that extreme, but they are useful sometimes.

This week’s dinner plan is:

Monday: Taco bar night-kids love making their own tacos

Tuesday: Chicken cutlets (with fruit and salad). Here are some chicken breast recipes from our site

Wednesday: Burgers on wheat rolls, baked potato wedges, salad/carrots.  Burgers don’t have to mean ground beef either, they could be ground turkey or Rachael even uses swordfish.

Thursday: Cobb salad (green salad with grilled chicken, bacon, feta cheese, avocado and bacon – with a side of pasta or whole grains such as brown rice).

What’s your week look like?

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