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Halloween Is Almost Here

You know that Fall is really here, despite all of these heat waves around the country, when the Halloween decorations start coming out.  In my neighborhood, you start seeing the first pumpkins and witches on the first weekend of October.

In the past I might have thought this was a bit much, but as I get older and see the children in my neighborhood appreciate the ghouls and witches, I am also getting excited by it.  It’s really quite heartwarming to see the families who take nightly drives or walks with their kids, just to show them the houses all gussied up.

There seem to be a few types of  Halloween themes and you can always tell who lives in the house by their decorations.

The teenage or pre-teen boys’ house: these guys go for it.  They have hands coming out of the front lawn, fake smoke billowing out from the porch, dead witches hanging from the roof.  There is one house around the corner from me that actually frightened my mother because the monsters were so lifelike!  They practically had an entire graveyard!

The little kids: You tend to see the hand crafted decorations in the windows of these houses.  You know the kids made these at school.  Usually there are bats and witches’ hats cut out of construction paper and pumpkins carved with care on the front steps.

The grandparents: You know you’re at a grandparents house when you see the inflatables.  These are not cheap and with a little kid around, they could get knocked over or broken.  They tend to light up the block and have been all the rage for the past two years in my neighborhood.

Whatever your style is, Halloween is the start of a great season of giving and sharing so I say embrace the fever and get decorating!

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