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Kids Birthday party ideas

Being that I am the last minute lady, it’s no surprise that I have done nothing to prepare for my daughter’s birthday that is coming up on 10/15 (today is 10/6). Most people would have not only mailed the invitations by now but actually gotten their RSVPs. Not me. But before I ramble on about my lack of planning, I had to tell you guys about this amazing website I found for b-day party ideas:

Birthday Party Ideas

This site is so cool because it not only features ideas from the people behind the site as to how to throw a “pirate party,” for example, complete with snack and decoration ideas, but it also has a huge community to it, and that’s the exciting part. It’s a collection of real people’s stories of parties they have thrown for their kids of all ages. So you can read about the 5 year old “princess party” for Sara in New Jersey from 2004 or the “sweet 16” party for Julie in Kentucky in January of ’07. Even better, they have ranked these parties and given “awards” for the best ideas. After playing around a little on the site, I also found an adult section for grown-up theme parties like “old movie night” or “casino.”

Now I better get back to my own party planning before I miss the date altogether! Here’s what I am doing at the last minute (she is only turning 5 afterall, right?):

  • The party will be at our house. I did look into doing it at a place and of course, being last minute, they were all booked for weekends. Additionally, they were expensive!
  • My daughter and I will have fun making the cake ourselves. Cheaper than buying a cake and much more fun. We may do cupcakes and let the guests decorate their own. I haven’t decided. The frosting will be a regular white butter cream but we’ll use food coloring to make it PINK! Here are some frosting recipes I like.
  • We’ll make healthy food for lunch like these pinwheels or fruit kabobs.
  • I’m limiting the guests to 8-10 girls so we can keep the theme of “princess,” my daughter’s choice (she has to have some say in this party) and we don’t have to worry about the boys who would rather die than wear a princess dress.
  • We’ll buy some dress up dresses, shoes, tiaras, etc for the guests to wear when they arrive, or we’ll ask the girls to come dressed as a princess and we’ll let them decorate tiaras as one of our activities.
  • We called the local theater here in town and asked to find some of the stage actresses. We found that there were female actresses more than willing to come for an hour or two dressed as “the queen” as a surprise guest of honor.
  • We’ll fill the guest bags with things these girls can really use, rather than tons of candy. I like going to CVS and getting pencils for school, note pads, stickers, little combs, mirrors, lip gloss, change purses, key chains, etc.
  • All in all, we’ve spent much less time and money keeping it simple and doing it ourselves which allows us to focus on the great time we’re going to have.

And finally, we’ll keep the party limited to 2 hours so by the time everyone realizes that my party is disorganized, it’s time to go home and everyone has had a great time hanging out and chatting.

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